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WYSA Rules

Number of Players:

  • Maximum number of players on the field at any one time: six.
  • Substitutions:

1.         Prior to a throw-in (either team)
2.         Prior to a goal kick.
3.         After a goal by either team.
4.         After an injury for either team, when the referee stops the game.
5.         At half time.

  • Playing time: Each player SHALL play a minimum of 50% of the total playing time.  Equal time should be given to all players.

Player’s Equipment:

  • Footwear: Tennis shoes or Soccer Cleats
  • Shin-guards: Mandatory.
  • Team T-Shirt – Sweatshirt may be worn under.
  • Shorts or Sweatpants.

Duration of the Game:

  • The game shall consist of four equal quarters 12 minutes
  • One minute break between first and second quarter
  • The half time break shall be five minutes.
  • One minute break between third and fourth quarter
  • There shall be NO overtime.


  • Have Fun
  • Give encouragement with positive feedback and celebrate all forms of success
  • Insist and show on good sportsmanship
  • Teach teamwork
  • Must coach from the sidelines during the games
  • Will show respect for all referees, may ask referees about confusing calls.
  • Everyone plays in every position, including goalie
  • Do not keep score but try to keep the games competitive for both teams.
  • Encourage players to spread the scoring around
  • Players out of control get removed from the game

The Start of Play:

  • Opponents must be seven yards from the center mark while the kick-off is in progress.


  • No Score is kept
  • Blow out options ahead by 3 or more goals
    1. Trade Players to equalize the teams
    2. Play with less players

Fouls and Misconduct:

  • All fouls will result in an INDIRECT FREE KICK with the opponents seven yards away from the ball.  A goal may not be scored until the ball has been played or touched by a second player on either team.
  • The referee must briefly explain ALL infractions to the offending player.

Penalty Kicks:

  • No penalty kicks are to be taken.  An infraction inside the goalie box will be taken to the closest line and kicked from there.

Goal Kick:

  • Goal kick may be taken within two to three yards of the goal.
  • Opponents must retreat to mid-field when the kick is taken.

Corner Kicks:

  • Opponents must be seven yards away from the ball.


  • There shall be no offside.

Grades Pre K - K Rule Exceptions

  • Ball Size 3
  • Small Sided (3v3 or 4v4) this will decided by the number of players that are in attendance.
  • No Goalies:  Players are not allowed to stand in front of the goal mouth and guard the goal. 
  • Coaches are allowed on the field at all times
  • Throw in:  Any kind of throw in that uses two hands is acceptable

Grades 1-2 Rule Exceptions

  • Ball Size 4
  • Throw in:  Loose interpretation of throw in is to be considered.

Grades 3-4 Exceptions

  • Ball Size 4
  • Offside:  Loose interpretation of offside is to be considered.  No hanging out behind the defense.

Grades 5, 6, 7 Rule Exceptions

  • Ball Size 4
  • Goal Kick:  Opponents do NOT need to retreat to mid-field when the kick is taken.
  • Offside:  Loose interpretation of offside is to be considered.  No hanging out behind the defense.